Your customers prefer to text.
Sometimes you just want to be able to text a business and tell them you’re running 5 min late for your appt.
Available on iOS, Android & web browsers on your PC or Mac.
We are buzzing. Coming soon to the app stores!
Manage contacts.
Manage contacts.
Easily add new customers as contacts when they message you and find them easily when you wish to start a conversation. Keeping notes on each will help create a meaningful relationship.
Automate replies.
Automate replies.
Set customized messages that your customers will receive automatically in various contexts the very first time they message you and whenever they send a message that begins a new conversation.
Have conversations.
Have conversations.
Flagging open conversations avoids them falling through the cracks. You can improve your customer experience with a relationship history log keeping track of your past interactions.
Limited Time Only!
Introductory Pricing.
You’re first month is free. No contract needed.
per month
  • Includes 1,000 messages
  • Includes 250 minutes voice
An invoice will arrive net 30 days. You’ll also be able to talk directly with us and our engineers with any feedback or suggestions.
A message is a text message under 160 characters. messages over 160 characters may result in multiple messages. Additional messages may be invoiced at a rate of $0.02 a message.
Voice minutes are used when a user calls your BzzTxt number instead of texting to that number. These calls are immediately forwarded to the telephone number configured in our company’s profile which is usually your company’s main phone number. Additional Minutes may be invoiced at the rate of $0.03 a minute.
Join our hive.
Join our swarm and give us your ideas and suggestions as we continue to improve our hive. Your comments will help chart the path of our company’s flight path! We will also share with you new ideas how text messaging can help your business both grow and thrive!
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